F-4 / J-79

F-4 History

Although the last American Phantom have been withdrawn from service, the Amazing F-4 story continues all over the world. Several Nation’s have decided that the best value for their money in Military Aviation is to upgrade the mighty F-4 with new Cockpit, Avionics, Engine and Missiles. Germany, South Korea, Japan, Turkey and Greece are making the 40 year old fighter as good as many new type. So with the F-4 labeled as an out-of-production aircraft, spare parts to support the airframe, engine, and related systems will become increasingly difficult to obtain.


Quality Aviation, Inc., has stock applicable to the F4 aircraft, and the J79 engines for over 30 years. Quality Aviation, Inc. has procured their stock from the U.S. Military, U.K. Military, McDonnell Douglas, General Electirc, and other OEM’s who has manufacturing approval on the F4 and J79 program.

Our inventories consist of spares for the following:

  • APQ-109 RADAR
  • APQ-120 RADAR
  • J-79-17 ENGINES

Manufacturing and Overhaul Support

Over the years Quality Aviation, Inc. has built up a good base of qualified manufacturers, overhaul shops and repair stations. We can offer overhaul and repair support on F4, J79, APQ120, and other accessories of the system. Quality Aviation, Inc. can also offer exchanges on many of these systems and spares. Overhaul work is done to the latest manuals, when requested, new upgrades can also be accomplished. Whether the part is overhauled in-house or sub-contracted to another facility, a full work scope is performed prior to any work beginning. This work scope sets up our inspection points and covers all work to be accomplished per the technical manual.

Technical Support

Quality Aviation , Inc. has one of the most extensive private libraries in the industry. This library consists of information that covers a large range of aircraft and engines. It consists of prints, drawings, technical orders, overhaul manuals, work scopes, instructional data, TCTO’s, and illustrated parts manuals. Quality Aviation, Inc. also has a large selection on kit information, from cure date kits, overhaul kits, as well as QEC kits. Quality Aviation, Inc. has technical support data on McDonnell Douglas and General Electric products to assist us with any engineering questions and problems that may arise. Quality Aviation, Inc. also has resources to keep us informed and up to date on modifications and new technology.

Quality Control

Quality Aviation , Inc. is ISO 9001:2008 certified, we hold a certificate of accreditation showing us in compliance with the requirements of the FAA AC 00-56. These certifications show our desire to improve our service to you and to continuously improve our organization. On many products Quality Aviation, Inc. can offer DD250 and DD1574 certifications, as well as any other certificates required by our customers. Ask us about our warranty.