OHC Repair

Overhaul – Service, Support, & Training

Quality Aviation has forged a truly integrated engineering, manufacturing, overhaul/repair, and customer service organization wherein each department compliments all others, and all departments are aware of all projects flowing through the facility and all are dedicated to your ultimate project satisfaction.

Our Quality team not only provides you with a premier product for your overhaul/repair needs, but backs that with a full after market service organization that provides onsite services, support and maintenance.

Our turbine and overhaul/repair expertise numbers in the thousands of man-hours.

You choose what level of support services suit your mode of operation. Whether ordering a spare part from our massive 250,000 square foot warehouse facility to the provision of a fully refurbished gas turbine, or the overhaul/repair of its component parts.

You have the freedom and choice to satisfy your project requirements as they meet your bottom line needs.

The LM1500 Industrial Engine and the J79 Military Engine are two of the engine units that we can OHC and Support for both service and parts.

Parts – Ready, Responsive, & Supportive

With one of the largest inventories of usable gas turbines, spare parts and components, Quality Aviation can provide you with a wide range of equipment in a manner that meets “Your Schedule”. You can avoid long lead times by using our refurbished gas turbines, coupled with industry leading new components.

In addition our turbine inventory is backed by an extensive onsite warehouse of spare parts eliminating your need to find multiple outlets for after market support.

“Ready When You Are”, we are available 24/7 for service and/or spare parts. Be ahead of schedule that the traditional OEMs can offer; and at a significant cost savings. We can even offer the same warranties and terms as the OEM’s.